5 Questions you should ask

Your office and site needs a good deep cleaning and you are thinking about renewing your on- going office cleaning service contract.

You have decided to call in the experts, how do you go about choosing the right cleaning company for your needs? These are a few questions you should ask.

1)What hours are they willing to work?
You will of course want to clean your office with the least amount of disruption to the work force and productivity as possible. Therefore it is important to find out whether the office cleaning company is able to work mornings, nights or over the weekend so as not to disturb everyone in the office. Reputable companies like Simply Cleaning are used to working out of hours and therefore productivity should not be affected.

IMG_01862) What are their hiring and recruitment practices?
It is important that the people hired to carry out your office and site cleaning work are loyal, trustworthy and security conscious and all their references are checked before being hired. At Simply Cleaning all staff are trained continuously, conform to all standards and everyone is CRB checked and holds relevant qualifications depending on their specialist work sector.

3) What are their office cleaning prices like?
Compared to other companies, what do their prices look like? Have they included all you need in the prices they have quoted for? Are there any extras that they may be charging for that you are unaware of? When comparing quotes of your three suppliers ensure that you are comparing like for like, apples with apples. Again when choosing, price is not always everything think about quality, service, reputation. To gain a comprehensive quote call Simply Cleaning.

4) Do they have a good office cleaning track record and contactable references?
The best way to find out whether a company offers excellent service or not is to speak to their customers. Are they happy? Dissatisfied? Why? Simply Cleaning is happy to provide you with up to date references on all works carried out in the office cleaning sector.

5) What kind of office cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies do they use?
Does the office cleaning company you intend to hire use environmentally friendly products or harsh chemicals? Do they have the right products and equipment for your business site? E.g carpet cleaners, window cleaners, special products for flooring surfaces?

IMG_0185All of these questions should be answered with relative ease by your office cleaning company you intend on hiring. If they don’t it’s time to look somewhere else.

Call Simply Cleaning we have the most professional and skilled cleaning team and use the latest in cleaning technology, commercial cleaning products and cleaning services to provide your staff and clients with a balanced and healthy environment.

Simply cleaning can carry out a one-off deep clean or regular scheduled contract cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis built around the individual needs of your commercial site and business.

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