How to keep your offices germ free

image3-1How to keep your offices clean during the winter flu season

It is very important to adapt office cleaning techniques to ensure that your office remains healthy and hygienic during the flu season

During the winter months flu can become a challenge for many business. Flu is a common infectious viral illness spread by coughs and sneezes. You can catch flu – short for influenza – all year round, but it’s especially common in the winter, which is why it’s known as ‘seasonal flu’.

  1. Wash your hands –make sure that you and everyone in your office washes their hands thoroughly and after every encounter with another person. Shaking hands at the beginning of a meeting is very courteous however this can spread germs like wildfire. Washing hands after coming back from the shops or meetings is also very important as you may of picked up germs whilst out and you can now spread them within your office. Dr Nicola Goddard, clinical scientist at the Public Health Laboratory service, says: ‘Although most infections are mainly carried in the air and transmitted by the ‘aerosol’ effect when someone sneezes, germs can be transmitted by physical contact and enter the body when infected hands touch vulnerable parts like our eyes, mouths and noses. These areas offer easy access to invading germs despite being equipped with defence mechanisms such as mucous and hairs. Washing hands often and drying them on disposable paper towels (or laundering hand towels regularly) – can significantly reduce the chance of catching a virus, especially the rotavirus, which tends to infect children and causes vomiting and diarrhoea.
  1. Use hand sanitizer –have bottles of hand sanitizer distributed throughout the office, especially in high traffic areas such as reception and the office kitchen. Try to implement a policy that people need to use hand sanitizer regularly.
  1. Coughs and sneezes spread disease – make sure you cover your mouth and nose every time you sneeze. Train those who clean kitchens and surfaces to do the same so they are not the ones spreading germs.
  1. Clean air conditioning/heater filters – winters can be bitter and many offices have excellent heating facilities. These however can really dry out offices and spread germs if not regularly cleaned. Make sure that your office uses new technology as these more often than not trap germs and release only clean, fresh air.
  1. Use air purifiers – these can be used throughout the office to minimise discomfort and increase productivity. Air purifiers work by attracting harmful particles such as smoke, mould, pollen, bacteria, viruses and pet dander that are in the air by trapping them in the filter system. The impurities remain on the filter leaving the clean air to continue to circulate. Although air purifiers don’t completely eliminate germs and bacteria they go a-long way to decrease discomfort particularly in allergy sufferers and people with compromised immune systems.
  1. Hire an expert office cleaning company like Simply Cleaning to deep clean the office before the flu season starts. A clean office will attract fewer germs and bacteria as there is no dust, mould or moisture to settle on. Once flu season is over another deep clean can be done so as to get rid of any germs that may have settled.

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