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Staff Cleaning Checklist For Work Communal Areas

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Get on top of your office or workplace hygiene. We have put together a staff cleaning checklist for work communal areas, to keep you and your staff safe as you reenter the office or workplace after the lockdown restrictions. 

Like many, you may have now reentered the office or workplace after the lockdown restrictions have come to an end. This can be unsettling for many people as they may have become more cautious of general health and hygiene standards throughout the office.  

A great idea to ease some concerns that staff may have is to put together a simple office cleaning checklist for work communal areas. Keeping on top of your office cleaning and general hygiene levels is key for staff wellbeing, morale and ultimately productivity – your staff need to feel safe at work. 

We’ve made life a little bit simpler for you by putting together an office cleaning checklist for communal areas that your staff can easily follow. This checklist contains those key areas around the office that must be cleaned and sanitised, to help reduce the spread of pathogens around the office. 

You may have a contract cleaner, meaning you have the benefit of having your office professionally cleaned regularly – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

If you don’t yet have a cleaner or you are looking for an improvement from your current cleaning provider, then get in contact with us for professional office cleaning services.


How To Keep Your Workspace Clean?

The pandemic has led to us becoming more aware of how many surfaces we touch throughout the day and the plentiful of opportunities in which we could pick up pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses. 

Simple cleaning procedures, carried out between scheduled visits by professional cleaners, can help ease any concerns about hygiene and overall safety and wellbeing. These cleaning procedures can also help to train your staff into thinking more deeply about office hygiene and how they, as individuals, can help to contribute to the overall hygiene level within the office or workplace. 

Before you brought back your staff into the office you may have produced a new risk assessment – this should also include a Covid-19 risk assessment. 

One of the first things to do when you bring your staff back to work is to sit them down and go through the risk assessment with them, laying out risks that they may face within the office (day-to-day) and how they should reduce these risk.

You should explain to them as an employer or manager your obligations to them, but you should also discuss what their health & safety obligation, as an employee, are while at work – this is so that they can recognise that they are partly responsible for their health & safety and the health & safety of others around them. 

This is a perfect time to introduce new cleaning procedures or a cleaning system/schedule within the office. Training your staff is always advised, this is so that they have the understanding of how to properly carry out procedures the correct way, however trivial it may seem, so that how they work and operate will contribute to the health, safety and overall wellbeing of themselves, their colleagues, clients and visitors.   

Below you can find our staff cleaning checklist for work communal areas and personal workstations.



Staff Cleaning Checklist For Work

Cleaning Personal Workstations

Whether your office is open-plan, cubicles or has individual offices, it’s important to keep each space clean. This is especially true if you are operating a ‘hot-desking’ system where different staff may use the same desk but on different days.

Some businesses are scaling back on office space, allowing staff to work from home or using a hybrid working method – where there is a mixture of working from their home and the office. Workers sharing workstations ‘hot-desking’ is very likely to become a more common feature within working environments as time progresses.  

Encourage your staff to clean down their workstation after each working day – it should only take a couple of minutes. Give your staff disinfectant spray and disposable cloths – having these available on each workstation may help them to remember to clean down after use. 


To Clean Daily: Check
Wipe/disinfect the top of the desk and a few inches underneath  
Wipe/disinfect keyboard   
Wipe/disinfect mouse   
Wipe/disinfect display  
Wipe/disinfect draw handles   
Wipe/disinfect chair  
Wipe/disinfect phone  
Wipe/disinfect file holder and any stationary left on the desk  
Empty waste bin under the desk  
Wipe/disinfect lamp switch or light office light switch   
Wipe/disinfect window handle   
Wipe/disinfect door handles  


Cleaning Office Communal Areas 

Cleaning Reception Areas, Corridors, and General Office Communal Spaces 

The responsibility for the cleaning of communal areas should be shared equally among staff. We advise that you create a cleaning rota for your staff so that each has a responsibility. 

Some areas should be cleaned after each use, by the person who uses it, while other areas may be cleaned each day or perhaps each week – depending on the usage. 


To Clean Daily: Check
Wipe/disinfect copier/printer  
Wipe/disinfect light switches   
Wipe/disinfect door handles   
Wipe/disinfect filing cabinet   
Wipe/disinfect shared draws  
Wipe/disinfect conference tables/chairs  
Wipe/disinfect shared office stationary   
Wipe/disinfect windows handles (if been used/opened)  
Wipe/disinfect stair balustrades   
Wipe disinfect lift buttons   
Empty bins   
To Clean Weekly:  
Vacuum carpeted floors and hard surface floor  
Mop hard surface floors   


Cleaning Office Kitchen 

Communal staff kitchen will often have a lot of footfall, surfaces such as fridges, microwaves and kettles are highly touched surfaces, they are surfaces where transfer of pathogens are more likely to occur – pay particular attention to touch-points, such as these.

When your staff go on break and use the shared office kitchen, get them to clean it down after themselves, so that it is clean for the next person who uses it – they should leave it how they found it. Anything they use, they should clean immediately. It is much easier if they clean up as they go, rather than leaving it until after they have finished their break.


To Clean After Each Use: Check
Wipe/disinfect countertop, tiles, splash-back  
Wipe/disinfect kettle  
Wipe/disinfect fridge  
Wipe/disinfect microwave   
Wipe/disinfect toaster   
Wipe/disinfect coffee machine   
Clean utensils/cutlery    
Clean plates, cups, glasses   
Clean/disinfect sinks and taps  
Clean seating area   
To Clean Daily/Weekly:  
If your office has a dishwasher, fill, wash, and empty daily  
Empty bin   
Vacuum/sweep floor   
Mop floor with disinfectant   


Cleaning Toilets 

Inform your staff to be considerate to others and to leave toilets as they found them – which should be clean!

A great method to help improve the hygiene level of staff toilets is to have an alcohol hand cleaning station just outside of the washroom/toilets. This means that when they walk in their hands are sanitised – reducing the spread of pathogens inside to washrooms.

If your staff have taken care of the washroom/toilets, it shouldn’t take long for a member of staff or two to sanitise the touch-points at the end of the day.  


To Clean Daily: Check
Wipe/disinfect sinks and taps  
Wipe/disinfect toilets   
Wipe/disinfect door handles   
Wipe/disinfect light switches   
Wipe/disinfect mirrors   
To Clean Weekly:  
Empty bins  
Sweep floor   
Mop floors with disinfectant   
Refill soap dispensers and hand towels dispensers   



Following this staff cleaning checklist for work, you and your staff can help to create a working environment that is clean and sanitised, safe for you, your staff and any visitors to your office. 

If your staff are returning to the office or they have so already, and you want to ensure that they are as safe as possible, a professional cleaning company can help to protect you and your staff.  Here at Simply Cleaning, we provide trained and professional office cleaners for large offices and for office on the smaller side too.

To improve the health and wellbeing of your staff, get your workplace professionally cleaned by our experienced office cleaning team. For further information on our professional Office Cleaning Servicescontact our team today.

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