Hard Floor Cleaning Services

Our hard floor cleaning services will bring life back into your hard flooring. We can restore a variety of hard flooring – from solid wood, laminate, linoleum, ceramic, granite, slate, terracotta, vinyl and more with our hard floor cleaning services.  

We can strip, clean, restore, polish and seal flooring. We use the latest industry methods, technologies and tools to achieve perfectly finished floors. Our professional hard floor cleaners use top of the range machinery with a variety of pad and brushes to scrub the floors, removing all dirt ingrained into them. 

Our specialist hard floor cleaners use tried and tested methods – carrying appropriate chemical products and detergents, which are design to care specifically for certain hard floor types. 

As a professional hard floor cleaning company, we offer a range of services to clean & maintain hard floors. 



Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Services 

Simply Cleaning provides a comprehensive hard floor cleaning and maintenance service – whatever floor type, whatever your need.

We have available dry or wet mopping services, buffing machines and a range of floor scrubber & drying machines to deliver perfect results. 

Our expertise has enabled us to work across many sectors and for some impressive projects both large and small, this includes large warehouses and stadiums to luxury homes in the Cotswolds. This means that we have vast experience to understand how to best clean and maintain your flooring with the care and attention it needs. 


Rotary Cleaning Services For Hard Floors 

There are some hard flooring that requires intensive scrubbing to remove stubborn dirt, deposits or glues. Our rotary cleaning services for hard floors is the solution. We have a variety of pads available depending on the type of flooring and the dirt or substance that needs to be removed. 

Hard rotary brushes and hard wire pads are available in our arsenal including heavy-duty metal disc pads, designed to remove stubborn glue deposits that are left when removing carpet floor tiles from offices. 


Hard Floor Stripping Services 

Our floor stripping services will remove solids, such as polish and other contaminants on hard flooring, that has built-up over time (often over years) using special formulated chemical products. These products are designed to rapidly remove metallised and non-metallised floor polishes.

We combine, along with specially formulated floor stripping chemical products, machinery which carefully scrubs and pulls up the solids without damaging the floor.  


Hard Floor Polishing Services 

We use the best emulsion floor polish with a high thermoplastic solid polymer content to give a high-gloss shine finish with good slip-resistance and overall floor protection.

Our hard floor polish can be applied to a variety of hard floor types from PVC, thermoplastic floors, linoleum, rubber, sealed cork, sealed wood, asphalt, terrazzo and marble. 



For hard floor cleaning and polishing, you can be sure that Simply Cleaning will provide a professional service and deliver exceptional results.

Our tailored hard floor cleaning services covers Bristol, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, South Wales, Winchester, Berkshire, Hamshire, Surrey, London, Essex and many other parts of the UK. 

For further information on our Hard Floor Cleaning Services, please get in touch with our expert team today, we are ready to assist you with all of your cleaning needs. 

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