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Simply Cleaning your No1 cleaning company for office cleaning in Bristol, Bath and the South West

There are many things that can hinder your business productivity and efficiency but one of the most basic and important of them all is ‘cleanliness’.

We take pride in delivering professional services and comprehensive cleaning maintenance programs bespoke to your every-day working environment for you and your staff.


The locations we cover:

Office Cleaning Bristol                                   Office Cleaning Cardiff

Office Cleaning Bath                                       Office Cleaning Newport

Office Cleaning Gloucester                         Office Cleaning Cheltenham                    

Office Cleaning Swindon                             Office Cleaning Reading

Office Cleaning London                               Office Cleaning Essex

We are always expanding our locations covered to assist in our client’s needs. We do cover a broad area and some location may not be included here, so please contact us if your office location sits substantially beyond these locations stated, we like to accommodate your exact needs, no matter the size of your office or its location. A consultation will help us better understand your exact needs and how we can help you improve your office environment. 


Practical benefits for you to keep your offices clean:

Cleaning for some business owners is not a pressing issue when running their business, but although it is not that obvious, keeping an office clean at all times, will make your employees more productive, keep them safe and healthy, and will keep them and your customers happy.

Reduces stress:
A clean and organised office allows you and your staff to reduce your stress levels to a minimum. A clean office helps you to keep the workplace organised and is an important aspect to consider to improve and maintain the well-being of staff members.

bank cleaning Save time:
If you have ever worked in a dirty office, you know that you can spend time worrying about getting the cleaning done, instead of focussing on work. This makes you waste valuable time and energy just thinking about it. When an employer or facilities manager cuts costs on their office cleaning budget imagine if that outcome results in every one of your staff spending 1 hour a week going to the cleaning cupboard, clearing their desk and giving it a good scrub how much time is that costing you? How much money is that costing you? Working in a clean office at all times will increase your capacity of focussing in on what really matters, which will lead you to be more productive and save time to carry out other tasks that are required in your business.

Improve physical health:
Offices have shown to be great sources of bacteria and germs and if you think about it you and your team spend more than most of your day in the office. Working in an unclean office environment will create the perfect combination for employees to suffer several sick days on a regular basis. A regular service provided by Simply Cleaning and customised to your needs is the perfect solution to keeping a healthy environment.

Create a great first impression:

First impressions count, when it comes to ‘making businesses, appearances matter.  The appearance of a person’s workspace office cleaningand the overall office appearance of entrance foyers, rest rooms and communal spaces leaves an impression with all of your visitors, you are being judged. Are you creating a trustworthy, professional organisation who care about your staff’s well-being? Are you sending out the right messages to business partners, clients, suppliers and your workforce?

Improve your mental health:
Working in a clean office environment can reduce stress and take the mental load off of you.  A clean office environment can help you feel happier, be more relaxed, focussed and more productive in your place of work.

Call Simply Cleaning we have the most professional and skilled cleaning team and use the latest in cleaning technology, commercial cleaning products and cleaning services to provide your staff and clients with a balanced and healthy environment.

Simply cleaning can carry out a one-off deep clean or regularly scheduled contract cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis built around the individual needs of your commercial site and business.

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