Office window cleaning

Office window cleaning.

As a specialist field in its own right, window cleaning is a very important part of the Simply Cleaning service. We can clean any number of windows on any scale.

When clients and customers come to your offices, the first thing that anyone notices is the exterior of your building and this includes the windows. If they see that the windows have layers of dirt, they are then starting to gain an impression about you and your business… a thought that the interior will be just as dirty!

As IPAF licensed operators with 25 years experience of lift, abseiling and cradle work, you can rest assured that there is no window that we can’t reach. Ensuring that your windows will always shine!

Simply Cleaning Window Cleaning Services the right tools for the job:

Traditional blade and applicator window cleaning

In many offices that we work in, it is often the case that interior windows, walkways and entrances are cleaned by hand using the traditional blade and applicator –  ensuring the office area remains not only clean but free of spillages and any potential slip hazards.

Reach and Wash system

Simply Cleaning can clean windows up to 65 feet without leaving the ground thanks to Ionics’ Reach & Wash window cleaning system.

This pole-fed system uses water supplied from our double osmosis, five-stage water purification system, which means not only can our staff reach up to six storeys from the safety of terra firma, but also negates the need for messy detergents that can leave sticky marks and streaks on your glass.

Access Plant

Office cleaning contracts can present awkward areas and challenging windows to be cleaned and when window cleaning is not accessible using the Reach & Wash system we will use access plant equipment to complete the window cleaning – this may take the form of a cherry picker or a lorry mounted plant.

At Simply Cleaning our staff are holders of their PAL – Powered Access Licence and are IPAF certified, enabling our staff to safely and professionally operate access plant for window cleaning or gutter cleaning duties.

In all circumstances we follow  Health & Safety guidelines. You will receive full Risk Assessments & Method Statements before we commence any work on your office.

Gutter and Facia Cleaning

Over a period of time your gutters can become full or even blocked by all sorts of debris, moss or just leaves from nearby and overhead  trees. A regular inspection and clear out will avoid costly repairs should the worst happen.

Simply Cleaning will clean your cladding, guttering, fascia and soffits.  Once upvc guttering and fascias have become really black and soiled they can be very difficult to restore. An annual clean will keep them looking great all year long.

Aside from providing a great image to your your customers, clean windows will also improve the state of the interior portion of your office. Clean windows contribute to the overall cleanliness of the workplace, promoting a healthy environment for your staff. As a result, your employees will be healthier and feel more encouraged to work when they see that their surrounding is neat and clean

Call Simply Cleaning we are able to handle any scale of window cleaning, so get in touch to ensure the eyes of your building shine.

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