Office carpet and floor cleaning

Professional office carpet and upholstery cleaning

Whatever the size of your organisation, Simply Cleaning will design a detailed office cleaning plan that fits perfectly around your company’s needs.

Based in the south west we can provide office cleaning services in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

We can carry out a one-off deep clean or regular, scheduled cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, all built around the individual needs of your site and company. We’ll also put together a comprehensive checklist for frequent audit checks to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

Office carpet cleaning recommendations:

To ensure your premises look their best from the ground up, we recommend cleaning all carpets and upholstery at least every six months. Otherwise the inevitable stains, spills and general wear and tear of carpets and upholstery can spoil the look of an otherwise clean office and can be very expensive to replace. Using the latest hot water power brush systems, we use quick-drying, low-noise techniques to minimise disruption to busy offices and hotels.

We can add stain guard protection, pesticide treatments and flame retardant applications when required and even dye carpets damaged by bleach. Along with carpets, our staff are trained to clean any type of fabric, from leather to silk, and can clean everything in situ for a fast and efficient turnaround.

Superior office carpet cleaning:

We treat each office as if it were our own. Just as if you were doing the job yourself, we pay attention to the little things. This means that every job gets a personal touch from a knowledgeable and caring professional so things get done right. We only use safe and proper cleaning agents from the most reputable companies in the industry. We have invested in one of the most powerful truck mounted systems to ensure quality so we can clean the dirtiest carpet down to the most delicate upholstery and do it properly.

Simply Cleaning Prochem Legend SE truck mounted machine:

We use a Prochem Legend SE Truck mount carpet and upholstery cleaning machine. Powered by a Kohler Command Air Cooled Engine. With this powerhouse of a machine your carpets will clean better and dry faster than ever before, sometimes in only 1 hour. This machine delivers temperatures at 230 degrees Fahrenheit which makes cleaning a snap, and greatly aids in rinsing so there is no sticky residue to attract new dirt and creates the proper surface for the application of new Scotchgard.

Carpet cleaning products:

We use the recommended type of carpet cleaning products for today’s hi-tech carpet and upholstery fabric. Along with an already built in water softening unit in the truck mount, this type of system allows us to clean your carpets and upholstery without any residue. Thus making the carpet and upholstery softer to the touch and ensuring the proper surface for the application of Scotchgard.

What you can expect from Simply Cleaning:

  • We never over book our appointments, so each job receives the attention that it deserves.
  • We give exact appointment times, you will never have to guess when we will arrive.
  • We take great pride in maintaining our equipment so our quality is consistent in every office.
  • We believe our image is important and will always arrive in a clean van that you won’t be embarrassed to have in front of your office.
  • We take extra care while in your office, and treat it as if it were our own.
  • We never over-wet your carpets, so that they dry as quickly as possible.
  • We take the extra time needed to get your carpet or upholstery as clean as possible and can also offer advice on maintaining your freshly cleaned carpets and upholstery.
  • We use the most modern equipment and a wide range of the safest and best cleaning agents available today to do the job right.

Simply Cleaning a certified and insured carpet cleaning company:

We pledge to do the very best job for you the customer and to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Simply Cleaning are members of The National Carpet Cleaners Association

The National Carpet Cleaners Association is the only nationally recognised trade association dedicated to the cleaning of carpets, hard flooring and soft furnishings.

Call Simply Cleaning we have the most professional and skilled cleaning team and use the latest in cleaning technology, commercial cleaning products and cleaning services to provide your staff and clients with a balanced and healthy environment.

Simply cleaning can carry out a one-off deep clean or regular scheduled contract cleaning on a daily, weekly or monthly basis built around the individual needs of your commercial site and business.

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