Void Cleaning & Clearance Services

We provide a fully dedicated Void Cleaning service to customers across Bristol, the South West, South Wales, London and many other regions. Our Void Property Cleaning Experts have vast experience in remediating some properties in the worst conditions imaginable, back to a clean and habitable state.

There is nothing worse as a landlord or property manager to see one of your properties turn into a disgusting and completely uninhabitable space.

If nothing gets done to rectify the issues the value could plummet, you will not be able to lease the property to any tenant in such an abysmal state, and often any buyer wouldn’t give it a second glance. Also, buy leaving it too long, you may find the issues worsen, whether, through infestations, squatters or damage to the property caused by the waste left there, it is in your best interest to rectify the issues immediately by using a void cleaning service. 


What is a Void Property?

A void property is usually one which has become dilapidated and filthy due to misuse due to several possible reasons. These reasons could be, unruly tenants who have mistreated the property, perhaps by hoarding, or squatters, who have gained unauthorised access to your property, leaving it in an abhorrent state.  This leaves the landlord, housing association or council to pick up the (usually many) pieces.

A void property is likely to be a major health hazard for you and anyone who enters the property. Due to the health risks associated with void properties, you will be placing potential tenants or buyers at risk if you wanted to show them around the property. Not only that, but any property in such a state will likely turn them away before they enter through the door.

Even building contractors or decorators who you would bring in to improve the property, will not be able to work within such conditions, it must first be clear and safe for them to work in. 

What health risks can be found in a void property? Often we find properties that full waste and debris, where you are struggling to enter or walk through the property.

You could trip, fall or a heavy object could come down on top of you. There is often sharp object through the property, such as broken glass, or even dirty used needles.

You could come into contact with harmful substances and biological waste, such as drugs, faeces, blood and urine. Often, due to the state of the properties, there will be an infestation of pests, such as rodents or insects – not a pleasant sight and a huge health risk! 

These health issues are best addressed, first, with a void clean to the property, often eradicating them entirely.


What Our Void Cleaning Service Includes

We will often come to assess your property first to better develop an actionable plan. Some of our previous void property cleaning projects have involved the use of multiple skips – even the largest of them, the roll-on-roll-off skip. We may need to assess some safety issues to ensure that our professional void cleaning technicians can carry out the work effectively while remaining safe.

A void clean can include:

  • Graffiti cleaning
  • Waste removal
  • Hazardous waste cleaning
  • Odour removal
  • Deep cleaning & sanitisation


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