Dulverton’s Co-op Refurbishment with Weatherhead

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Dulverton, a small town which lies in the deep, wooded valley of the River Barle in west Somerset, near the Devonshire border, had a much-needed refurbishment carried out to its Co-op supermarket, located in the heart of the town. 

The supermarket is one of the primary stores within Dulverton, providing all of the necessities for the small community.

Weatherhead, an award-winning and leading shop fit-out and refurbishment contractor, have delivered another quality refurbishment to yet another Co-op supermarket. 



Weatherhead has a national reach and is one of the leading contractors for Co-op’s nationwide store refit and refurbishment programme – a  push to modernise their stores throughout the country. 

As shop fitters, their focus and determination have propelled them into great success, attaining excellence in their field. Always delivering quality results in a timely manner, Weatherhead has proved themselves time after time – winning multiple awards along the way, including The Co-operative Best Performing Contractor.   



We have journeyed throughout the country to support Weatherhead with their Co-op shopfitting projects. 

Carrying out shop fit-out cleaning usually involves a two-phase cleaning programme. The first is the post-fit-out clean (build clean), followed on a later date with the final handover sparkle clean. 

We also carry out window cleaning to both the internal and external windows. Cleaning to external signage and, when required, cleaning to external paths, paving, brickwork and canopies. 

We used our latest floor scrubber & dryer machine, the Numatic 244 NX, a light but powerful machine that will scrub and lift up the dirt, leaving floors sparkling. This agile machine can manoeuvre around floors with ease, getting in and around tight spots is no match for the Numatic.

For further information on our Retail & Fit-Out Cleaning Services, please get in touch with our expert team today, we are ready to assist you with all of your cleaning needs. 

Email our cleaning services at info@simply-cleaning-uk.com


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