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Fire Restoration In Gloucestershire – Our Latest Project

April 12, 2021 4:39 pm Published by

Fire damage will often cause distress for even the strongest of us. When disaster strikes and you find your property has succumbed to fire damage, whether great or small, Simply Cleaning’s fire restoration services will help to restore your property to pristine condition.

We recently carried out fire restoration in Gloucestershire for a building that had severe fire damage to the property’s internal.

The fire damage caused soot to accumulate across the entire building’s ceiling, walls and supporting structure. After an assessment, it was determined that the roof would be removed, due to extensive damage, and for our expert fire restoration team to start cleaning the soot from the walls and structured supporting beams – both vertical and the roofs horizontal supporting beams.

Our services were employed to remove the worst of the soot so that supporting beams and the walls could be re-sprayed by painters – as the paint would be unable to stick if soot were still present.

We used a combination of methods to remove the soot build-up and smoke odour. High-pressure jet systems and heated jet systems were both utilised as we were working in an exposed environment, where essentially only the shell of the building was retained, after builders removed parts that couldn’t be salvaged.

Using both of these systems to blast the exposed brick walls and steel beams throughout the building – taking special care to not penetrate the cavity. These systems increase the extraction of the soot and smokey odour that may have taken hold within the brickwork.

Combine these two systems with our specialist chemical solution (used by fire services) to remove soot and the odour of smoke is hugely effective. To ensure we removed as much soot as possible, our specialist fire restoration team cleaned and scrubbed every surface that had fire damage and contaminated with soot build-up.

To reach the roof’s supporting structure and the tops of the walls of the entire building, we utilised powered access platforms (MEWPs) which our team are trained and certified to use.



Fire and smoke damage can be very destructive and often causes damage that is difficult to repair. Here at Simply Cleaning we often deal with light damage to the internals of properties, where the fire has been caught just in time to not cause severe damage. In these instances, we use methods that maintain the integrity of the property – often cleaning by hand and using very selective tools.

As a fire restoration company in Gloucestershire, we can help clean and restore your property into the state it once was, ready for builders and decorators to complete the restoration.

For further information on our Fire Restoration Services, contact our expert team today, we are ready to assist in you in such a distressing time 

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