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Floor Polishing in Bristol For a City Centre Development

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Our latest floor polishing work for a leading construction company, Beards, finishing off their new student development with perfectly polished floors throughout. 

We have completed our project with Beard Construction at their Baldwin Street development, in Bristol City Centre. 

The final sparkle cleans have been completed to each room, hallways and the common areas, across the site. 

During the sparkle cleaning, we were asked by the site management team to enhance the look of the hard floor, which we could easily accomplish, thanks to our expertise across many cleaning specialisms. Our professional floor polishing services were utilised in this instance. We brought in our flooring specialist who is expertly trained in floor maintenance and polish application. 



Flooring comes in many varieties, each requires a particular understanding of how to maintain them with care, to prevent damage. 

Floor polish application, if done incorrectly, can cause a lot of hassle for you later on. Certain hard floor types, if polished, can destroy the floor aesthetically. For example, the thermoplastic polymer solids within the polish will not bond properly to certain textured and stone flooring, leaving messy residue all over the floor with no shine at all – the floor polish would have to be stripped in such an instance. 

Our knowledge and expertise in floor polishing will guarantee your floors gets the right treatment and enhanced finish you are looking for.

Simply Cleaning uses the best high-grade emulsion floor polish available, which contain a high percentage of thermoplastic polymer solids. This leaves polished floors in a ‘wet look’ high-shine, gloss finish. 

Floor polish is not just for appearance, it also helps for longevity by giving the floor a sealed protective layer and it also gives it superior slip-resistance. 


How We Apply Floor Polish

First, we make sure that all of the dirt and dust is removed from the floor. If not, the dirt will be sealed in and it can show up with more prevalence once the floor polish has been applied. 

We use the latest and best floor scrubber & driers available. For this job, floor polishing in Bristol, we used our new Taski 350 floor scrubber. This small but powerful machine will scrub and lift the dust and dirt from the smallest of crevices within the floor – leaving a perfect finish.

We also check the floor and, if required, we will clean the floor by hand for those hard to get at places, such as corners, edges and around structures that are fixed to the floor. 

Once the floor is perfectly cleaned only then will we start the floor polish application.  



The polish itself is applied with an applicator pad. We begin working from the furthest end, carefully working our way back. We work in segment ensuring an even application, if it is wood flooring we always follow the wood’s grain.

If the floor has suffered any damage in the past, such as scratches, the floor polish will help to hide these imperfections, as they will be filled perfectly, evening out with the rest of the flooring.

The drying time for floor polish can be up to an hour, but this does depend on the temperature and airflow and the type of hard floor. 

Once the first coat has fully dried we then apply a second coat, building up the layers to intensify the high-gloss polish look – which can be done with up to three coats for that ‘wet look’ finish. 



For a superior high-shine gloss finish to your hard floor, book our hard floor polishing services in Bristol. We also cover many other regions across the UK, including the South West, South Wales, towns and cities along the M4 corridor, London and more. 

For further information on our Floor Polishing Services, please get in touch with our expert team today, we are ready to assist you with all of your cleaning needs. 

Email our cleaning services at info@simply-cleaning-uk.com


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