Hotel cleanliness is key to customer retention

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More than half (55%) of hotel guests worry about the cleanliness of the hotel room they are staying in, according to a poll released recently by Miele Professional. An unclean hotel room is the most common factor that would put people off from returning to a hotel (76%) – more than bad service, poor facilities or even a high price. Nearly eight in 10 respondents to the survey (79%) stated that cleanliness is the main factor that influences their perception of a hotel’s values, and almost two-thirds (59%) said a clean hotel would be a main factor in encouraging them to return again in the future.

More than a third (34%) of the 2000 consumers surveyed stated their favourite thing about staying at a hotel is having clean, crisp sheets on their bed. However, bed sheets are also the top concern when it comes to cleanliness, named by 70% of those surveyed, followed by pillows, bed covers and blankets, and towels.

More than two thirds of consumers (69%) have written, or would write a review on TripAdvisor and with 57% using recommendations to try out a new restaurant or hotel, cleanliness is key to ensuring customers return and pass on good reviews to friends and family.

Les Marshall, sales and marketing director at Miele Professional, said: “Our figures show just how important cleanliness is to hotel guests. Hoteliers need to ensure the best processes are in place to achieve customers’ high expectations. One way to guarantee the crisp, clean sheets and fluffy towels that customers love is by looking into the benefits of an on-premise laundry. Having laundry facilities on-site means that any hotel manager can be safe in the knowledge that their laundry is clean, ready on time, and meets customer expectations.”

Miele Professional has created a wide range of water efficient washing machines, all of which use less water than conventional washing machines without compromising wash performance. The Little Giant range of machines (including models PW6055 and PW6065) minimise energy consumption and have water efficient programmes that optimise the water needed for each cycle. The cycles are short – 6.5kg of towels or linen laundry can be washed and dried in little over an hour.

Miele Professional is running a competition where hotels can win a £15,000 ‘Miele Makeover’ for their laundry room by simply completing the sentence ‘My hotel/B&B deserves a Miele Makover because…’. Visit to find out more.

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