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We recently completed a fit-out cleaning project for a new restaurant, situated on Gloucester Road, Bristol.

The new restaurant, a pizzeria, will be a terrific addition to the local community and Bristol as a whole. The restaurant is part of a small but zealous and passionate pizzeria chain named Purezza, founded in 2015.

Purezza, which have restaurants located in Brighton, Camden, Hove and now Bristol, have a unique attraction for the pizza lover. Becoming the first vegan pizzeria in the UK, when founded in 2015, these “plant pioneers” envisioned on “revolutionising Italian food through cruelty-free ingredients”.

With its unique take on pizza, a sourdough speciality, it’s already a popular place since its opening weekend – with great food and cosy surroundings, it’s perfect to enjoy with both family and friends.



The Restaurant Fit-Out Cleaning Process

The Builders Clean

Bristol-based commercial refurbishment and fit-out company Mobius Works was the primary contractor for the project, managing the entire fit-out process from full refurbishment and refit, to the interiors and other key services.  

A restaurant fit-out cleaning project, such as this one, will usually have two cleans carried out on the internals and often the external also.

The first, initial clean, also called the builders clean, ensures all unwanted paint specks, splashes, dust and debris are removed from any surfaces.

The builders clean was carried out by five of our experienced shop fit-out cleaners, over the course of a day. Working from the rear of the unit right through to the front of the new restaurant, every surface was checked then vacuumed, scrubbed and wiped if needed. 

For any cleaning process, you should always start cleaning an area at height first, in this instance, it would be lights on the ceiling, walls and other elevated fixtures. This method of cleaning is to prevent rubble and dust from falling onto an already cleaned surface, leaving you to clean the same spot twice. 

The build clean clears the refurbished building so that it can be checked by the management and trades for snagging, this also allows it to be finished off with any detailing to the premises, including furnishing. 


The Sparkle Clean

The second clean and, in this case, the final clean, is what we call the sparkle clean. The sparkle clean leaves the building in the perfect finished state, ready for the client to open up to their new customers and enjoy the fresh new cuisine. 

This stage draws particular attention to the fine detail. From high to low, front to back, from sitting down at a customers table, to standing at a chef’s station, we check from every perspective – everything must be checked and have the perfect finish.



About a week or so after the build clean our shop fit-out cleaning team carried out the sparkle clean. Every surface is buffed and polished, leaving them streak free and shinning. Again, we started from the rear of the restaurant and worked our way through to the front, where the customers dine. 

What we cleaned:

  • Manager’s office 
  • Staffroom 
  • Staff toilets 
  • Kitchen 
  • Hallways 
  • Customer toilets 
  • Customer dining/seating area 
  • Pizza prep/cooking station 
  • Bar and drink station
  • Front windows 


The hygiene standards for commercial kitchen have to be second to none. It imperative that every inch of the kitchen is left clean and sanitised. We also have to be particularly careful as to what chemical sanitisers we use to clean with, they must be kitchen safe, as we do not want to contaminate the kitchen surfaces and other food preparation areas. 

We worked through to the evening to complete the sparkle. The result of our work was a perfectly cleaned and exciting new restaurant, ready to open to the public – the client was overjoyed with the finish.

For further information on our Shop Fit-Out Cleaning Services, please get in touch with our expert team today, we are ready to assist you with all of your cleaning needs. 

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