New Office & Warehouse Construction Project at Royal Portbury Docks

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Works on a new border control facility within Royal Portbury Docks is nearer to a conclusion, with the post-construction build clean, part of phase one of the works, completed to schedule. 

We recently scheduled a build clean to the new facility, with a team of specialist CSCS certified construction cleaners and CSCS widow cleaners carrying out phase one of the works, cleaning both the internal and external of the building. 

Royal Portbury Docks, Bristol, situated near the village of Portbury on the southern side of the mouth of the Avon, where the river joins the Severn estuary is a deepwater dock constructed between 1972 and 1977 with the largest entrance lock in any UK port. The port is now a major hub for motor vehicle imports into the UK with hundreds of thousands of cars handled at the port annually. 

Once operational, the facility will aid in the flow of goods into the UK, helping to speed up customs and border checks at the docks and making the process more efficient. 



With the latest concern over lorry shortages throughout the UK and Europe, infrastructural and operational improvements that facilitate the flow of goods and services into and out of the UK will be much welcomed by the general public looking to ensure products remain available year-round. Private enterprises up and down the UK rely on integrated supply chains throughout Europe and depend on JIT logistics to meet the demands of the market.

Through this new facility at the Royal Portbury Dock is a small contribution to improving the network and facilitate the flow good and services, docks and border check have been a choke point for freight transportation but HGV’s coming into the UK have experienced the worst of it. Brexit and even more recently with the coronavirus pandemic has pushed governments to tighten border checks thus slowing down HGV’s to levels unseen before – lorries entering and leaving the UK were seen queued up backing up miles from the crossing terminals, such as the port of Dover.

As the world becomes more integrated and economies relying evermore on just-in-time supply chain, situations, like we have seen in the recent past, will likely arise again. It is in all of our best interests to prevent such occurrences in the future, if we continue to integrate further into global supply chains and rely upon JIT delivery then we better make sure that we can handle the increase in volume that we no doubt will see. Our ports of entry therefore must see investment and expansion if they are to keep up with the cross-border trade. 

The staff  who will eventually move into the offices and make this their place of work, once it has been handed over, are in for a treat with a beautiful scenic backdrop overlooking the Severn Estuary and the Welsh coast in the distance.   

We are scheduled for additional works at the site. Phase two will include a sparkle clean to the entire facility, ready for the building to be handed over in pristine condition. 

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