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Secrets to Cleaning Your Home in Record Time

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How to clean your home quickly 

Many people find cleaning a massive chore, seemingly spend many hours tidying and cleaning their home when the home is looking a mess. It doesn’t have to be this way,  as long as you know the cleaning industry’s secrets to clean your home in no time at all.

These are the experts top tips to clean your home quickly. Follow these and make cleaning your house less of a chore. 


1. Have a cleaning system

Work in a systematic approach, moving from room to room – a set routine and try to improve it. You should be cleaning the house in the same order, every time. Working to a set routine will provide consistency with each clean, helping to ensure nothing is missed. Once you have found an efficient routine, stick to it.


2. Tidy the house as you go

Train yourself to tidy the house each day. That means making the bed when you awake, washing the dishes after use and disposing of clutter that would otherwise build up during the week. 

Keep table and countertops clear of day-to-day items, only decorative ornament should remain. By following this, when you come to wipe and polish the tables and countertops you will not be spending time removing clutter,  cup or any other day-to-day items that you place on the on.  This will speed up your cleaning!

Better still, if you use a countertop, such as a kitchen’s or use a table, wipe it down immediately after use – don’t wait, make the habit of doing it straight away. 


2. Clean top to bottom, left to right

If you start by vacuuming the floors, you will be wasting your time! Always start by cleaning from the top – whether that be upstairs or from the ceilings, down. If you don’t, you may find you will be cleaning the areas near the bottom (such as floors) again, once dust and dirt have settled there. 

Clean your way around a room in one direction! When you enter a room, look up and scan from left to right. If you can identify any dust or dirt, clean it, then draw your eyes down the wall, and again, scan from left to right, clean as required. If you dart from place to place, around the room you will be will bound to miss something. 


3. Soak those stubborn areas first 

Before you begin wiping or dusting down, soak up those areas that are always a challenge to scrub. Surfaces such as shower screens can be sprayed down and left to sit using white vinegar or a limescale remover. 

Thick bleach or hydrogen peroxide can be poured over mould built up around the bath or shower. Mould is often found on silicone sealant around the edge of baths and shower. Leaving thick bleach on the silicon sealant for 30 mins will often remove it, 5 mins for hydrogen peroxide. 

Once you have applied the correct cleaning solutions to each surface, walk away and leave to soak, continue with the rest of your cleaning routine and come back to these areas later – you will find that often you will only have to rinse off the solution, no scrubbing required!


4. Wipe all dust and dirt onto the floor

Speed up your cleaning by dusting all dirt onto the floors, rather than trying to collect the dust or dirt from the countertop, tables and other surfaces. Simply wipe everything onto the floor. Once you have finished wiping and dusting, then come behind and vacuum the floor. 

Be careful to not wipe anything onto a carpet that could stain them, however. Also, avoid trampling food into the carpet’s fibres as this will be more difficult to clean later. 


5. Use a degreaser 

Cut through kitchen grease with ease a great degreaser spray. There are many degreaser sprays available on the market that are perfect for your kitchen countertops and stove. Spray on your stove and leave for 5 minutes. Come back wipe with a scourer pad, to remove the thick deposits of grease, then wipe clean with a dry cloth.


6. Clean the microwave with ease 

Place a cup or bowl with water in the microwave, turn the microwave on high for 2 minutes. use a scourer pad to remove the thicker food deposits, then use a dry cloth to wipe clean.

How about reducing the mess in the first place? Place a cover over your food when you are heating it in the microwave, this should reduce the splatter and food build-up with less mess to clean up later. 


7. Polish stainless steel 

Get rid of smudges, stains and watermarks from stainless steel sinks and surfaces. If a sink is stained, for example, with tea or coffee stains, simply spray bleach over the surface, leave for 2 minutes, then thoroughly wash off. 

To make stainless steel surfaces shine and look like new, pour mineral oil, light olive oil or a stainless steel cleaner on it, and wipe leaving a consistent coating of the oil-based cleaner. This will repel water and leave the stainless steel looking flawless.


8. Polish to perfection

Dirty surfaces may require cleaning with a damp cloth before you polishing them, otherwise, the polish may just coat the dirt and often will not remove and clean it.

Once you have removed food and dirt built up on countertops and tables, grab a can of spray polish to finish off the surfaces.  


9. Spot vacuum

Leave any vacuuming to the end, just before you mop any floors, however. You don’t have to vacuum the entire floor either, simply spot vacuum and move on. 


10. Speed clean frequently

Get your in order by cleaning more often. Don’t let the dirt and grime build-up. The more frequently you clean your home, the easier it will be to keep on top of it. Once your house has had a deep clean try to speed clean it once a week. Certain rooms may be used less frequently, therefore, may be clean compared to other rooms within the house, don’t skip them – quickly polish then spot vacuum – even if it looks clean. 


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